Funnyfox is a french board game brand. Our editorial line focuses on family+ and casual games to play with friends and family (party games and strategy games).

Funnyfox games are distributed by Gigamic.

Our last releases : Pass pass, Nautilus Island and Mytikas




Release date: October 2023
Designers: Augusto Rocha
Artist: Alain Boyer
Content: 1 Mount Olympus board, Action board, 4 player boards, 16 Deity cards, 4 Builder figures, 12 minor cities, 8 major cities, 8 small temples, 4 large temples, 1 Active Player marker, 16 Favor tokens, 17 Level tokens, 45 Offering tokens, 6 Lock tokens, 105 resource cubes

Technical information: Box size 260 x 260 mm

Key points: Resource managment, worker placement

A resource managment and worker placement game

At the summit of Mount Olympus, in that secret place above the clouds called Mytikas, the gods reign supreme, contemplating the world and governing the lives of mortals. As builders, you’ll want to unravel the mystery of Olympus and get closer to the divine light.

Produce resources and advance them to Mount Olympus to build your cities and temples. But don’t forget to make offerings to the Gods to gain their favor and play during your opponents’ turn!



Release date: September 2023
Designers: Johannes Goupy & Théo Rivière
Artist: Clément Masson
Content: 4 Castaway markers, 1 Game Board, 96 Object cards in 6 different colors, 34 Bonus tokens, 12 Porthole tokens

Technical information: Box size 250 X 185 X 45 mm

Key points: collection and racing 

A collection and racing game

In Nautilus Island, you’re shipwrecked on a mysterious, deserted, volcanic island. After a storm, you come across a stranded submarine, empty of its crew: the Nautilus.

Collect items aboard the Nautilus to store them at the right time and obtain precious bonuses, but don’t delay in closing your collections to win more points than your opponents!



Release date: June 2023
Designers: Alexandre Droit & David Paput
Artist: Ulric
Content: 48 cards, 1 score pad, 1 rulebook

Technical information: Box size 150 x 105 x 35 mm

Key points: Trick-taking, collection

A trick-taking and collection game

In PASS PASS, you’ll create temporary alliances and use cunning strategies so that your card’s color is in the majority and you can win cards and valuable diamonds. After 3 rounds, the player with the most points will be crowned the winner. But if a player gets 3 Passes, they’ll win the game immediately !



Release date: September 2022
Designers: Johannes Goupy
Artist: Alain Boyer
Content: 1 main board, 112 Species tokens, 4 player boards, 55 Jungles tiles, 10 Protected Area tokens, 4 Diversity tokens, 1 cloth bag, 1 Binoculars token, 1 rulebook.

Technical information: Box size 245 x 245 x 50 mm

Key points: Placement tiles.

A tile placement game

In RAINFOREST, your aim is to create a jungle environment that offers a rich variety of vegetation, which will allow you to reintroduce and protect the region’s iconic species: Monkeys, frogs, butterflies and parrots. Don’t forget to secure the long-term survival of your totem animal, and you’ll be able to earn some precious extra points.

Can you make your jungle a cradle of diversity?



Release date: September 2022
Designer: Olivier Mousseau
Artist: Thierry Mercier
Content: 116 cards in 5 differents colours: 24 green, 24 pink, 24 blue, 36 yellow and 8 purple, 30 tokens and 1 rulebook.

Technical information: Box size 160 x 110 x 40 mm

Key points: Communication limits, hot potato

Ready to tap the table?

In TAP THE TABLE! players take turns to propose aloud a solution that fits the criteria on the cards in the middle of the table. The criteria accumulate until an answer is declared void by the other players… who tap their fists on the table! (Yes, really!) Tokens are given out as penalties, and the player with the least tokens at the end of the game is declared the winner.



Release date: September 2022
Designers: Johan Benvenuto, Alexandre Droit, Bertrand Roux
Artist: Alain Boyer
Content: 12 Terrain tiles, 4 Player boards, 36 Double-sided pebbles, 15 Koi tokens, 4 Stone tokens, 1 Scorepad, 1 rulebook.

Technical information: Box size 200 x 150 x 45 mm

Key points: Sudoku, strategy.

Will you be able to stay calm in front of your opponents?

Following the principles of Sudoku, each player must try to win Gardens and Koi tokens by shrewdly placing their numbered pebbles, without ever having two pebbles of the same value in the same Garden, row or column.

The game ends when the players have played all of their pebbles. The player with the most points wins the game.



Release date: February 2022
Designers: Johan Benvenuto, Alexandre Droit, Kévin Jost, Bertrand Roux
Artist: Alain Boyer
Content: 8 personal safes, 64 Voting keys (8 per player), 90 Picto double-faced cards, 8 Mystery keys, 8 “30” scoring tokens, 150 Character double-faced cards, 8 markers, 1 main game board and 1 rulebook.

Technical information: Box size 230 x 185 x 50 mm

Key points: Connections, Deduction, Hidden role, Voting.

Use your icons to describe iconic figures!

In SECRET IDENTITY, you must guess the hidden identity of your opponents while trying to make them guess yours. Represent your character to the best of your ability by using your Picto cards, but remember that each round you will all have a new identity and your Picto cards will dwindle.

Will you be able to act both as a skilled informant and a sharp observer?



EN_Dinner in Paris - Le Combat des Chefs - Boite 3D - Droite
Release date: December 2021
Designers: Les Trolls Associés
Artist: Alain Boyer
Content: 4 food trucks, 4 Food truck cards, 16 Food truck property tiles, 24 Pigeon cards, 24 Objectives cards, 6 Majority cards, 4 Subway Entrance tiles, 8 Pigeon Effect tiles and 1 rulebook.

Technical information: Box size 235 x 125 x 45 mm

Key points: 3D buildings, Double Layer Player Boards, Hand management, Tile placement.

Everything is permitted in order to become the best restaurant owner in Paris!

On the Parisian square, competition among the restaurants still runs high and the animosity has escalated: theft of ingredients, noise pollution, terrace defacing… In this square in constant turmoil you can count on your food truck to expand your influence and surprise your opponents.



3D BOX Right
Release date: October 2021
Designers: Reiner Knizia
Artist: Alain Boyer
Content: 1 game board, 15 Treasure tokens, 60 shells, 5 Chest tokens, 6 dice and 1 rulebook.

Technical information: Box size 230 x 185 x 40 mm

Key points: Area majority, Dice rolling, Push your luck

How far are you ready to dive?

In INTO THE BLUE you take on the role of a team of divers who are seeking mysterious treasures hidden underwater. But you are not the only one who wants to grab these sunken wonders…
Explore the depths and try to bring back the most precious items to the surface. Mark your presence in the different areas
to control them and claim their riches.



Release date : September 2020
Designers: Mathieu Bossu and François Gandon
Artist: Victor Dulon
Content: 88 Landscape tiles, 32 Mosaic cards, 32 Stall cards, 26 character chards, 32 Objective cards, 30 rubies, 5 starting tiles, 5 player aids, 1 central board, 1 scoring pad and 1 rulebook.

Technical information : Box size 260 x 195 x 60 mm

Key points : tiles placement, territory building, chaining, combo.

Come and discover the realm of Almadi!

By the end of the 1001st night, the sultan Shahryar wishes to build the new realm of Almadi to honor the intelligence and wisdom of his wife Sheherazade. As the sultan’s advisor, you are the architect of this great work. Design a thriving territory with sumptuous palaces, fresh oases, opulent markets and majestic caravans. Skillfully arrange the landscapes and use their effects to turn your work into a great success!



Release date : July 2020
Designers: Markus Slawitscheck
Artist: Alain Boyer
Content: 200 Secret Word cards, 30 Temperature
cards, 1 Ice Cube card holder, 80 Score tokens, 1 confirmation board, 1 hourglass, 1 rulebook

Technical information : Box size 200 x 150 x 50 mm

Key points : Word game, Guessing, Semi Cooperative, Victory Points as a resource, Variable game phases

The party game that will turn up
the heat of any social event!

In Hot & Cold you will be making your teammate guess your temperature based on your shared secret word! Will you be able to make them understand that your clue is very close (hot), similar (warm) or very different (cold) to your secret word? Sometimes, differences are subtle, and you have limited time. Be quick and sharp, because your opponents will do whatever it takes to steal your words!



Release date : October 2020
Designers: Les Trolls Associés
Artist: Alain Boyer
Content: 1 double-sided game board, 4 player boards, 48 resource cards, 24 objective cards, 24 pigeon cards, 8 majority cards, 8 translucent cubes, 248 terrace tiles, 72 property tiles, 60 roof units, 18 restaurants of different sizes, 1 sticker sheet, 1 scoring pad.

Technical information : Box size 300 x 300 x 70 mm

Key points : 3D buildings, Double Layer Player Boards, Hand management, Tile placement.

A strategy game with incredible material

The restaurant industry in Paris is buzzing after the inauguration of a new pedestrian square in a very popular district for Parisians and tourists from all around the globe. It is a golden opportunity for you, restaurant owners, to open one of the addresses that will contribute to the culinary diversity and the reputation of the French capital. However, there isn’t space for everyone and your opponents could throw a wrench in your gears! The terrace race is on!

In Dinner in Paris, players try to become the best restaurant owner in the new Parisian square by winning the most victory points at the end of the game. In order to do this, they will have to open their restaurants, build terraces, win majorities and complete objectives.



Release Date : July 2020
Designer: Thomas Danede
Artist: Alain Boyer
Content: 27 candy bars, 42 order cards, 4 help cards, 1 golden sugar cane card, 1 rulebook.

Technical information : 200 x 150 x 46 mm

Key points: Colorful material, Easy to learn, Fast to play

Fun, fast and easy-to-play !

Machines are operating at full capacity in the candy factory. You take on the role of confectioners and are busy boxing the prized candies. In the middle of all this hustle you have to retrieve the candy bars to fulfill your orders. The best among you will receive the coveted title of “master confectioner” and will leave with their weight in candy! Your opponents will stop at nothing to win the supreme title. Actually, neither will you!

In Candy Lab you will play Order cards to retrieve candy bar combinations and activate their effects to help you, but above all to disrupt your opponents. The game ends when the last candy bar is retrieved or when the draw pile of Order cards is depleted. The player with the most points at the end of the game will be the winner!



Release Date : January 2021
Designer: Pierrick Libralesso and Renaud Libralesso
Artist: Loïc Billiau
Content: 9 double-sided Character tiles, 10 blue Effect cards, 4 orange Effect cards, 50 Photo objective cards, 2 scoring markers, 1 scoreboard, 1 two-colored hourglass, 10 Camera tokens
Technical information : 175 x 130 x 40 mm

Key points: Easy-to-learn mechanism (kids/family), Learning curve with many effects to spice things up, Animals background stories.

3, 2, 1... PHOTO !

Your team of photographers have been hired to do a photoshoot of a group of celebrities. Their time is precious, and these celebrities will not let themselves be easily placed! Be quick and meticulous to become the best team of photographers.

In turns, two teams must complete the most photograph objectives during a limited amount of time. In order to do so, all players of a team will, in turn, swap Character tiles without consulting each other. During the game, they must follow the conditions imposed by the celebrities under the inflexible eye of the opposite team.



Release Date : January 2021
Designer: Vincent Bernet
Artist: Alain Boyer
Content: 1 game board, 5 player markers, 5 writing cases, 1 parley tile, 70 fleur-delys tokens, 55 courtier cards, 18 audience cards, 10 valet cards, 14 cardinal cards, 5 reference cards

Technical information : 185 x 230 x 45 mm

Key points: Powerful theme, Bluffing and talking.

Conspiracy and betrayal at the Royal Court !

In Royal Secrets, you play as a spy of a foreign power in the French court. Your goal is to cunningly influence the decisions of the realm in favor of your country. For that purpose, you will have to send your team of allied courtiers to audiences with the king and queen where only the most influential will be heard. You will be forced to bluff but also to pool resources with your opponents. But only the most cunning will win.


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